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How to Solve the Puzzles in Virtual Villagers: A New Home

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By Elizabeth Tumbarello, eHow Contributor

"Virtual Villagers: A New Home" is a computer game published by Last Day of Work. Released in 2006, this game focuses on the strategy of building a village and keeping its inhabitants alive while watching them grow, interact and complete tasks. It is available for computers running Windows 2000 or higher, but also available for Mac users, as an iPhone application and for Nintendo DS users. Throughout the game, users must unlock new achievements, termed "puzzles," to teach their villagers self-sufficiency. These puzzles reward your villagers with one more component to make survival in their home territory easier.

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  1. 1

    Place the villager you have designated as the "builder" on top of the well. When he has cleared the debris from the top of it, you will have solved the "Well" puzzle.

  2. 2

    Drag one villager to each herb on the screen. After he has has studied it, you will have solved the "Healing Herbs" puzzle.

  3. 3

    Use your mouse to drag the villager you have designated as the "builder" to the foundation of the unfinished hut. Once he has worked at the foundation, a new hut will appear and you will have solved the "A New Hut" puzzle. This enables your villagers to have children.

  4. 4

    Position a villager on top of the debris on the beach. Once the debris has been cleared, you will have solved the "Clear Beach" puzzle.

  5. 5

    Train a villager to the status of "Master Scientist". Once this has been achieved, place this villager next to the double hut in your village. It will be converted to a school house, solving the "School" puzzle. When a school is built, all children created from that point forward will have inherent skills.

  6. 6

    Buy the level 2 construction achievement with your tech points. Once this is completed, place your builder on top of the pile of rocks that cover the lagoon. This will unlock the "Lagoon" puzzle achievement, and your villagers will have access to extra water.

  7. 7

    Click and drag a villager to the spot on the map marked "Patch of Strange Dead Flowers." This works only if you have unlocked the Lagoon puzzle. The villager will water the patch of flowers with water from the lagoon. Once the flowers have bloomed, the "Garden" puzzle is solved, allowing your villagers to farm for food.

  8. 8

    Train a "Master Farmer." Gain the lagoon. Once these two requirements have been met, place the Master Farmer onto the lagoon. This completes the "Magic Fish" puzzle, granting your village the Magic Fish of Fertility.

  9. 9

    Buy the level two spirituality requirement with your tech points. Wait until a villager dies. Place any live villager in the village's clearing to designate a burial ground. This completes the "Graveyard" puzzle.

  10. 10

    Unlock the level three spirituality requirement by purchasing it with tech points. Place a villager on the "Strangely Straight Rocks" patch to gain your village the "Temple" puzzle achievement. Similarly, a level 3 science requirement will gain your village the "Idol" puzzle achievement if you place a villager on the "Large Rock".

  11. 11

    Reach level three in all technologies. Position a villager with a builder affinity on the beach next to the "Food Bin," to the side of the Temple. He will find the buried treasure, thus completing the "Buried Treasure" puzzle.

  12. 12

    Level up your fertility skill to level three. Drop any woman carrying a child into the lagoon to unlock the "Golden Child" puzzle achievement. The "Golden Child" achievement is needed to gain the "Hidden Cave," "Butterflies" and "Fruitless Plant" puzzle achievements. The Golden Child cannot be killed, die or grow up. He cannot be forced to do work but will complete tasks of his own volition.

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